Golden Goal Plus

The increasing complexity of work processes requires higher literacy, numeracy and communication skills to deal with every day working life. In most European countries basic skills are defined as

“the ability to read, write and speak in the respective language and to use mathematics at a level”.

Low -skilled and poorly qualified young people who have left school with insufficient speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and with low communication and social skills form a “hard to reach” group that does not tend to take part in adult education or lifelong learning initiatives. The previous Golden Goal project has developed a Curriculum for basic skills and social skills training in combination with sporting activities and a Tool Box containing materials and methods.


Basing on the experiences connected with carrying out the project, it was decided to implement its results in other countries. GOLDEN GOAL PLUS was developed, which assumes adapting the Golden Goal curriculum to the Polish, Portuguese and German realities and implementing the curriculum in the chosen target group. This shall mainly be achieved by providing approved learning contents and training materials to VET teachers and trainers that show how to integrate sport activities into Basic Skills & Communication Trainings.

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